Friday, September 11, 2009

Being a shy connector

It's a new school year, and maybe you're feeling invigorated by all the new faces on campus... but you could also just be totally overwhelmed by the flood of strangers.

My friend Sacha is a self-confessed shy person who is also good at meeting new people, giving presentations... typical extrovert stuff. And she does it all without defeating her shyness, but rather finding ways to connect that don't require her to be outgoing.

Check out her tips on being a shy connector. My favourite tip involves wearing a funny hat (or something else notable) to get people to come up to you and talk, because when I met Sacha I absolutely had to go up to her and ask about her huge camera and tiny computer. It works!

I've embedded her slides below, but it's worth reading her blog post that goes with them, too!

Welcome back to school for 2009-2010!


Barbora Dej said...

Great post that hits home! Even though I am the external affairs executive of CU-WISE and I always seem very extroverted, there is no question that I am an introvert. The key points that I can relate to in Sacha's presentation are that I always need quiet time to recharge, that I don't enjoy initiating conversations, and that I'd much rather communicate with people to help them than to sell myself or an idea to them. My advice to the introverts is to practice, practice, and practice!