Monday, September 10, 2012

Volunteering for Go ENG Girl

Go ENG Girl is an event that is near and dear to my heart. In high school I favored math and science classes  but even liked music and art. I knew I wanted to go into either science or engineering but I really didn't know the difference between them. I finally chose Biotechnology; a program that combined the two. It was perfect! I would take biochemistry classes in the science department and chemical engineering classes from the engineering department. There was only one small bump in my plan. After the first year in the biotechnology program it was clear that I LOVED ENGINEERING! I was excited by my physics lab, I looked forward to programming and in general was just overjoyed when I had to go to my engineering classes! The following year, I applied for and was accepted into Environmental Engineering at Carleton and have never looked back.

I feel that the Go ENG Girl program is great because it allows girls the opportunity to explore engineering and hopefully spark an interest in the profession. I love engineering and it's something that I wished I had discovered at an earlier age. I've volunteered with Go ENG Girl for a number of years and if you are a student at Carleton I encourage you to do the same! The event is well organized and even though it's a on a Saturday and you have to get your butt out of bed, you'll have so much fun doing the activities with the girls that it's well worth it. It's an all around great volunteer experience.

Go ENG Girl is a half day event for Grade 7-10 girls across Ontario to visit their local university to learn about the wonderful world of engineering: "A Caring Profession." WISE is currently looking for volunteers to help make the event a success. Volunteers are needed to help with registration, give lab tours and help run activities. All training and materials will be provided and lunch is provided. Go ENG Girl is scheduled for Saturday October 13, 2012 at Carleton University and other universities accross Ontario. For more information about Go ENG Girl please visit