Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Career Tips for Joining the Start-Up Economy

Via ACM CareerNews Alert for Tuesday, February 17, 2009. In the spirit of Barb's post on the entrepreneurial spirit.

Some Career Tips for Joining the Start-Up Economy
Media Post, August 13

While job growth within the broader economy may be stalling, the good news is that we are starting to see a lot of “green-shoot” growth at small companies, especially nimble, fast-moving start-ups. Thus, for IT workers looking for jobs or thinking about career changes, particularly for those in any industry that generally lags the overall economy, the start-up sector is becoming increasingly attractive. With that in mind, the article shares some career tips for those who are considering joining start-up companies.

Success with a new start-up takes much more than desire to work in an exciting and innovative environment. People think that great relationships and a thick Rolodex are keys to success in transitioning from big companies to small, particularly if you are in sales or business development. It's not that simple. When you work for a big company, everybody wants to work with you. When you move to a small firm, the value that you provide is measured by the actual results that you can deliver for customers and partners. This requires really understanding your customers, their needs and your product and obsessing over customer service. You have to ask yourself every day how much real value you created that day, and make yourself essential.

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