Monday, January 12, 2009

Women in advertising

Here's a photo-set of vintage advertisements. The nostalgia is fun, but there are a few ads that might catch your attention.

Like, say, this one. Phew, you might say, they sure don't make them like this anymore!

But how much has it really changed? I think some advertising may still be sexist toward women in that we are still often portrayed as nothing much more than sexual objects.

On the other hand, have you noticed that some ads have become sexist toward men instead? I can remember quite a few TV commercials that portray the husband as a bumbling goof that the wife has to bail out (or she is simply shown as smarter and more "normal"). Funny, that.

What's your opinion on today's advertisements? How far have they come? Is the sexism toward women still there? Maybe just more subtly? Share your examples!


Barbora Dej said...

I think that advertisements can be quite terrible, even in terms of sexism, but they can also be quite good. I don't think we can get away from that, but what do I know? Well, what I do know is that we need to improve the images science and engineering have in advertising. For example, we need to get rid of pictures of nerdy boys sitting at a computer and incorporate more females as well as show some form of communication. Coming from an engineering background, I know it's NOT only about tools and machines, which is what most people think.

Anonymous said...

Advertising still contains sexism towards women. In todays day and age, sex sells. Women are definitely the main targets but don't get me wrong there are ads that are sexist towards men as well. Everyone wants to buy a product that will make them look good or feel good about themselves. If an ad portrays a very pretty model with a nice shirt on, you are more likely to buy the shirt than if it was on just someone average. The add wouldn't really catch your eye. Also if a very skinny girl or a very toned guy are on an ad for a weight loss program or supplement you would be more likely to buy it than if it was on someone not in shape.

Todays advertisements still contain equal amounts of sexism as they did in the past. They may even contain more because as the years have gone on people have become less conservative. The revealing ads are still out there. I think they may not contain the same slogans and words as they did in the past but they definitely contain the racey pictures, especially of women.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that we should not be so sexist in advertisements. Girls should be shown as being intellectual and smart, not just a pretty face or body. There should be more women advertisements in the sciences and engineering because they can do the same job as men. Advertisements are entertaining and can help us make decisions but definitely shouldn't contain so much sexism. Its sad that women aren't given the same attention and respect in fields that are usually male dominated.

Anonymous said...

I believe that commercials have become extremely sexualized. Women biting into a burger while staring intently at the screen,or provocatively walking towards a group of men to hand them some beer. Even for perfume commercials! There is this one, that I forgot for what perfume it is,but I remember this modelesque lady is walking through the hall of her golden, shimmering room, and each step she takes, one less item of clothing is on her body until eventually it is left to our imaginations...For men too, I mean they are either drooling over a girl or coming out from onside a pool with luscious, shiny hair and a gorgeous 6 pack. For both of these cases, this is too much to live up to don't you think? Women need to be sexy and men need to be chiseled. And so i ask myself,"What has our society come to?"