Friday, January 23, 2009

Report Reveals That Girls Have the Edge in New Technologies

I received this message via the Butler University Computer Science and Software Engineering "women-in-it announcement" list server.

New Report Reveals That Girls Have the Edge in New Technologies
University of Hertfordshire (01/20/09) Murphy, Helene

More girls are using computers at home than boys, and mothers are usually assisting their children with the technology, according to the new Learning in the Family report. In the survey of thousands of children aged six to 14, 94 percent of the girls said that they used a computer or laptop compared with only 88 percent of the boys. Fifty percent of children chose their mothers to help them use the computer, compared with 22 percent who chose their fathers. "Overall, mothers are more likely to engage with their children using new technologies especially when it comes to formal learning or research," says University of Hertfordshire professor and study co-author Karen Pine. Robert Hart of Intuitive Media Research Services, which commissioned the report, adds that "fathers join in to a lesser extent but encourage children with the fun aspects and help them with their hobbies." The study also found that 40 percent of children want their parents to help them more with computers.


Barbora Dej said...

What a change from when I grew up, hehe, when my brother was the computer guy and I was the one who took forever to start using an online dictionary as opposed to a dictionary book.

Now I don't think this study can be generalized, but I do believe that young ladies are getting more down and dirty with computers. And that's great news!