Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adding more Women Scientists on Wikipedia

This morning I was a little late getting to school because I was so intrigued about an interview with Sarah Stierch that was coming up on Q on CBC radio. I was so very happy that I decided not to miss it! Sarah is a community fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation and has made it her mission to increase the presence of women on Wikipedia. I was a little surprised to learn that only 9% of content on Wikipedia was created by females and the average contributor is a college educated white male. Wikipedia is the largest free encyclopedia and has become one of the first stops for information for many of us. I think it should also be a representation of the people who use it. I my mind, if the type of people contributing are skewed, than the content must also be skewed.

In an effort to increase content about women and by women she recently hosted a edit'athon at the Smithsonian where for five hours people got together to increase content about female scientists. What a great idea! Anyone else with me?

You can check out the interview below (the interview starts at about the 4 minute mark):