Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dolphins blowing bubble rings

This Wednesday's random fun video isn't a music video. Instead, we have a neat little video from Seaworld, where apparently the dolphins have learned to blow bubble rings under the water.

Observing animal behaviours is an important part of biology, but a part that maybe doesn't have as long a history as one might think: one of my relatives told a tale of how birdwatchers used to shoot the birds and identify them later, rather than the more modern (and humane!) way of trying to identify them on the wing. I've met naturalists who hope we'll see a switch to observing bugs the way we do birds. And Jane Goodall, when she was visiting Ottawa for the Writer's Festival, talked about how when she recorded her observations of chimpanzees many people told her that she was being foolish to ascribe emotions to them when trying to explain their behaviour!

So here's the video some dolphins who've learned a neat trick and seem to be having fun with it. What animals have you observed lately?


Gail Carmichael said...

Given I can watch my cat for hours, I think I could watch these dolphins for quite some time. I wish we knew how to communicate with animals better - it's amazing to imagine to what they might say!