Monday, April 26, 2010

If She Can Do It, I Can Too

Looking for a little inspiration as you finish exams and start in on your summer jobs? Leslie Hawthorn had a great guest post over at Geek Feminism about realizing that she had what it takes:

When Chris DiBona asked if I was interested in joining his team to help make Google Summer of Code happen for the second year, I was elated. I knew I had great organizational and project management skills. I knew I got along really well with programmers and loved to talk tech. I knew what the Summer of Code was – an awesome program to give jobs to students by giving them a chance to work on Open Source projects, and a great way for those projects to find new contributors. And I knew what open source software was in a general sense – everyone shares their code with everyone else. Sounded beautiful and idealistic. I was in!

What I didn’t know was, well, everything else.

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