Monday, February 8, 2010

Celebrating Our Accomplishments

Something we need to do more as women in science and engineering is celebrate our accomplishments. This isn't to boost our egos, but rather to show younger girls that there are successful women like us embarking on a career in science and engineering!

I'd love to see my fellow CU-WISE members blog about their accomplishments. I'll get us started with two recent ones of my own.

First, my blog, The Female Perspective of Computer Science, has been added to the Communications of ACM Blogroll. I've been writing this blog for more than two years, and because I've kept up with it (writing about 8 times per month), it's been getting me a lot of attention. Someone out there who had a say about the ACM blogs must have been reading it, as I got invited to join out of the blue. ACM is the Association for Computing Machinery, and is the society for computer scientists (much like IEEE is the big one for engineers).

Second, I have been included in a recent article on 5 Women Tech Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter. I've only been on Twitter for a few months or so, but the value of tweeting professionally is already coming to light. From the article:

5. The Emerging Leader
One to watch! Gail Carmichael is a PhD student in Computer Science at Carleton University, focusing on educational entertainment and augmented reality. She has a passion for encouraging girls to enjoy computer science. Carmichael blogs on The Female Perspective of Computer Science.

Want to share your accomplishments but don't blog here? Send me a link to your own blog, or comment here. It's ok if you aren't a CU-WISE member. I can include your stories in a future blog post!