Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Investigators 2: Privacy and Social Software

By the time we were ready to start, the session was full, with people sitting on the floor and clustered at the back, and more people still trying to get in the door. As a researcher, I've got to say I was thrilled to see so much interest! Although maybe they knew something about the presenters: every one of the women presenting in this session was enthusiastic and passionate about her research, and it made for a fantastic set of talks.

The three talks were:

  • Julia Grace: Enterprise Social Networking: History, Current Practices, Research Challenges
  • Clare J. Hooper: Tugging at the Seams: Understanding the Fabric of Social Sites
  • Katie A. Siek: The Knot or the Noose? Analysis of Privacy on a Wedding Planning Website

Read about all three talks here on the official Grace Hopper Celebration blog