Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A sincere apology from a Carleton student

As you may have gathered from my previous post, I am not entirely satisfied with the way CUSA handled their motion regarding support of cystic fibrosis research.

Unfortunately, as I am a graduate student, there is little I can do about CUSA directly. I didn't vote for them, and thus I likely cannot help get them removed from office. I can talk about my experience at the meeting and share photos taken at the CUSA meeting. But I realised tonight that there's something even more important I can do.

I can apologize.

So as a Carleton student, as a Carleton alumnus, I would like to apologize for the inaccurate and inappropriate statements about cystic fibrosis made by the Carleton University Student Union. These remarks have hurt a lot of people, and I hope as a community we can do better in the future, though it is hard to erase the hurt that has been caused.

I hope other students and alumni will join my voice in saying we are sorry.