Monday, March 23, 2009

Geek Feminism Wiki

At one of the WISE presentations recently, I was talking to someone about resources for women to deal with issues that crop up related to gender. She was saying that she finds that in a lot of situations, women have little way to seek help anonymously, since even if names aren't mentioned, there's often only, say, 3 people who it could possibly be. She mentioned that it'd be really handy if there were a wiki where people could contribute resources and information about how to handle stuff. Not just big stuff, but "little" things like the odd off-colour joke or things that aren't really worth launching a complaint over, but are irritating...

I mentioned that there is a wiki aimed at geeky women that might be helpful, but foolishly forgot to get her email address so I could send her a link, so I'll point it out to all of you and hopefully she'll read this too!

It's not quite what we were talking about, but there's a lot of useful resources, role models, and links there. And they're always looking for more contributors, if you want to add to the information or discussion!


Gail Carmichael said...

Thanks for sharing! I added my name and blog to the bloggers list, and I added the main site to the Canadian WISE Groups wiki.