Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Few WISE Men

Heine Mar is today's guest blogger. He believes that the WISE cause is very important for both men and women. This article was originally submitted to Carleton's engineering newsletter, the Iron Times

You may have already seen the movie "A Few Good Men". Basically, it is about one man who will stop at nothing to keep his honor and to find the truth in a courthouse of the U.S. government. The movie has nothing to do with engineering or science. In fact, it is about military law… but the movie is a perfect analogy for why men and women should consider participating in Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

As you are about to graduate and become a professional engineer, it is critical to keep your honor, especially in the field of equity. We have come a long way in history. As you may have noticed, in the past, women in some parts of the world were not allowed to go to school, to obtain professions or to achieve equal pay. Today transformations are taking place in various countries and institutions in order to provide women with equal opportunities to men. WISE plays a vital role in that transformation, helping support women in male dominated fields, ensuring their needs are met, and giving them a chance to hang out with other women going through similar things.

As professional engineers, it is our duty to our colleagues and the engineering profession. I am not a professional engineer, yet. However, I try my best to assist my colleagues and the engineering profession. In September 2008, one of my engineering colleagues introduced me to CU-WISE. I thought it was a great organization and I felt that I could add value to their team. I thought to myself: I could learn some valuable lessons from them. As a result, I joined CU-WISE. Since then, I began to see engineering from different perspectives. For instance, I learned about women’s health and their needs in order to design a medical device in the form of a bra known as the ‘tBra’ for early breast cancer detection.

In the global marketplace, it is essential to promote equal education and opportunity for both men and women in order to gain competitive advantages. I urge you to participate and promote Women in Science and Engineering. CU-WISE is for everyone. You can make a difference. "Yes, you can!"