Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wordcamp Ottawa 2013

Ottawa is having their very first WordCamp on April 27th and it's going to be great. You usually have to travel to Toronto or Montreal to catch one of these events and we are fortunate to have it in our backyard in a couple of weeks.

This session has 3 tracks

Content Creators” with presentations that will help users that create content in WordPress sites.
Site Creators” with content for those who are more experienced users, but not necessarily designers or developers.
Code Creators” will include presentations for designers or developers about site set-up, theme design, plugin development, best practices for development, and more

They will have an unconference session on “The Role of Women in the WordPress Community”, a panel discussing “Building Your Business, Cause, or Brand using WordPress”, a pre-camp “Introduction to WordPress” and a the “Happiness Bar” where you can get one on one help with your WordPress questions.

Purchase your tickets soon, you won't be disappointed.