Saturday, August 15, 2009

Makes Me Think

Because every woman needs a little inspiration once in a while, I wanted to share a site I found a little while ago called "Makes Me Think." People share little snippets of their lives that has really made them think. I've laughed, cried, and been inspired just reading the day's top posts.

For example, take this life lesson on trying again and again (something we learned at Grace Hopper last year):
Today, I tested a theory that didn't work, which led me to different theory that didn't work, which spawned a totally new idea that seems to work really well. Although it doesn't solve the original problem, all of my business partners agree that this idea has earth-shattering potential. MMT
Or how about this one, which can remind us that men have an important role to play in CU-WISE's mission and vision:
Today, I met a cute white guy at a local bar. In conversation he mentioned that he supports same sex marriages. I politely asked him if he was gay. He chuckled and said, "My mom supported the Civil Rights Movement. Do I look black to you?" MMT
Some can give us strength and encourage us to realize what we have rather than focus on the difficulties:
Today, I was cleaning the kitchen with my husband in our brand new house. We were joking around and having a great time. It suddenly dawned on me that if two years ago someone had told me my life would end up like this, dealing with those bullies in high school would have been a lot easier. MMT
Today, while swimming laps at the pool, I was frustrated to be stuck in a lane with a man who could barely swim. He was soooo darn slow. The whole time I wanted to yell at him for ruining my workout. But after he got out of the pool, I realized he was bound to a wheelchair. I felt horrible. MMT
What's made you stop and think lately?