Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Exams are coming and the happy lamp is here to help!

I was TAing one day and something caught my eye... something pretty, something bright, something that stood out white in the yellowness of the room. I didn't realize this right away, but a lamp was hypnotizing me with happiness.

Now you might think I'm crazy, but this lamp is special. It's called the "Ott-Lite Vision Saver Plus Full Spectrum Light", and it mimics natural daylight... and doesn't natural daylight make you happy? Now I don't think that this lamp will provide you with a tan, but it's proven to cause less strain on your eyes than regular electrical light.

I was so intrigued that I bought the same lamp a few days later at Canadian Tire for $50. Now those late nights studying for exams will be happier late nights.


Katherine Newcombe said...

I have got to say I thought my mom was nuts when she first bought me a full spectrum light like this. I thought the doctor who told me that some people almost have solar batteries built into their psyche and get depressed if they are not outdoors enough was even more nuts. While I wouldn't go that far I do find a night of studying or forcing myself to sit in my room and trudge through assignments somewhat less depressing when I turn on a light that truly lights up the area instead of just making it a dull yellowish area -my room being a beigey-yellow colour probably doesn't help. But a well lit area does help cheer me up a bit the same way finding a patch of sunlight to sit in does, and it doesn't really need to be one of these lights if you have enough other lights that can all be turned on to really light the room up.